A New Found Tranquillity

Can We Really Say Goodbye To The Fast Pace Of Life. When our Towns become so intense, what could be better than a place to slow down.  Taking a moment for ourselves can be challenging, although slowing down during the COVID 19 Pandemic has made many of us realise working under pressure and keeping up our fast paced lives makes you evaluate how tranquility can be good for your health.  Gradually our towns will open up again after months of quarantine and the pace of life will once again take us on the road of pollution, congestion and stress.  Tranquility can be a haven, finding a place where you feel comfortable, safe and calm.

How wonderful it would be to still search for tranquil open spaces in our towns due to new acquired routines to feel calm and relaxed and boost our health
To do nothing is a skill, a skill we have all come to learn in this past year. Towns have stood still, birds have become louder and cars have been silenced, families have had time together become closer and valued what it important in life.
To come back and read this again next year will be a test of how we adapt to a changed world, will it be business as usual or will there be an element of Tranquillity in our lives or a lesson well learned to set us up in stead for the years ahead